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We offer quotes for Auto, Fire & Business Insurance
We also offer Motorcycle Insurance
Call for Commerical Auto, Vans, Cube Vans
Life Insurance and Living Benefits Offered
Car, Van/Cube/Straight Truck Insurance
Serving Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, Toronto
Cars, Homes, Condos, Renters Insurance
Office, Resturant, Commercial Insurance
Focusing on Peel Region and Halton Region
Ambassador Travel Qualifier
Small Business Leader Qualifier
State Farm Since 2003
Long Time Resident of Peel Region
We also speak Punjabi, Hindi, & Urdu

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Pressure washing 101

Did you know a pressure washer can spray water up to 4,000 pounds (1,814 kg) per second (PSI)? That's 80 times the force of a garden hose. These pressure washer safety tips will help you handle that extra power.

Preventing employee theft

Employee theft can come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s taking home office supplies, skimming from the registers, insider robberies or sophisticated bookkeeping and computer fraud, the reality of the modern workplace is that business owners are wise to have controls in place–controls that can help minimize and prevent employee theft.

Fall maintenance for your home

As the leaves change and the days get shorter, take the time this autumn to prepare for the oncoming cold weather. Ready the furnace for the months of work it will have ahead, and clean out the fireplace. Test them both to ensure they’ll be working when you need the heat. Don’t wait until it’s snowing to clear out your gutters. With upkeep in the fall, you’ll have peace of mind in the winter and more time to hibernate.

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